Join the School of Data as a Community Mentor!

June 17, 2013 in Community
School of Data is currently reworking the concept of community mentorship. The link to the community mentor signup form in the post below has been disabled, pending presentation of the new concept.

Have data skills to share? Want to bring the School of Data to your community? We are currently looking for 12 Community Mentors as a pilot for our international network.

2012 FIRST Robotics Competition Palmetto Regional

As a Community Mentor you will:

  • Offer constructive feedback for learners on projects (often within your own language region)
  • Help to answer questions by learners on forums/mailinglists (in your own language)
  • Organize data expeditions and hands-on workshops

You’ll get training, help and support from the School of Data team, and good karma (priceless)!

Sign up and Get started as a community mentor!

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