#dataroundup: help round up data news on Twitter

December 12, 2013 in Community

Photo credit: AgriLife Today

Do you like to keep tabs on new developments in data journalism, the latest in infographics, or on new tools and courses for data wrangling? Do you like to hang out on Twitter? If so, School of Data needs your help.

Over the past year, we’ve experimented with different ways of running our regular Data Roundup column on the School of Data blog. Now we’d like to try something new: turning the Data Roundup over to the School of Data community.

We invite all School of Data community members—whether mentors, learners, or just interested observers and well-wishers—to tweet about pieces of “data news” they find interesting with the hashtag #dataroundup. Every week, our Data Roundup editor (currently Marco Menchinella) will draw on the pool of tweets to create that week’s Roundup, giving credit to the user who found the story.

Suggested topics for the Roundup include:

  • data-related tools or programming language libraries
  • tutorials and other learning materials
  • announcements of workshops, conferences, and other events
  • data visualizations and pieces of data-driven or quantitative journalism (especially from less-publicized sources)
  • data portals, open datasets, and other sources of data

But these are just suggestions—the content of the Roundup is up to you. Whatever it is that you, the School of Data community, find interesting in the world of data, we want to hear about it and to help spread the news. Join us on Twitter under the hashtag #dataroundup!

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