Data Roundup, 11 February

February 11, 2014 in Data Roundup

Stephen Thomas – Earth

Tools, Events, Courses

Those of you who have fallen in love with d3.js should absolutely follow, an interesting blog where you can get useful tips and two free e-books on d3 and leaflet.js.

Ekuatorial is a new website built to display environmental changes through digital cartography. Read more about this ‘geo-journalism’ experiment in this introduction on Visualoop.

Did you know that Randy Krum, founder of Cool Infographics, is on tour for a series of events on data visualization? Check out his roadmap and don’t miss the date.

A new course on data journalism is about to start next week at Wits Journalism in Johannesburg. The course begins on Monday 17 and will be held by New York Time’s Ron Nixon.

Data Stories

San Valentine is getting closer: give yourself a minute to read this curious infographic on its origin and on how it is celebrated around the world.

The Sochi winter Olympics just started, and Twitter Data already published a visualization on it. See Tweets about #Sochi2014 on datawrapper. You might also want to scroll down this infographic on which winter Olympic sport would you play? posted on Visually.

The Global Investigative Journalism Network recently posted a graph on last week’s most popular data journalism links. If you wonder what topic recently captured data-addicted attention around the world, you should absolutely see it or play with the interactive version.

Data Sources

Accurat is an Italian information design agency which surely represents the avant garde in the data visualization market. If you are curious about how it works and what’s its operating model watch the interview with one of its co-founder, Giorgia Lupi, at the New York School of Visual Arts.

The Online Journalism Blog of Paul Bradshaw is always a gold mine of good informations. If you are looking for some tips and suggestions on data journalism, here you may find some.

Finally, we remind you that the Portuguese version of The Data Journalism Handbook is now available here.

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