Join us! Explore Copenhagen’s bicycle paths using data

June 19, 2014 in Data Expeditions

Do you ride a bicycle or know someone who does? If you live in Copenhagen, your answer to this question is probably a resounding “yes”.
Known as the most bike friendly city in the world, more people in greater Copenhagen commute by bicycle than everyone who rides bikes to work IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES.
There are many more interesting and surprising stories waiting to be discovered in the comprehensive cycling statistics that Denmark collects every day.

Riding a Bike

Help us unlock those stories – join our data expedition as part of the Kopenlab citizen science festival!
You will explore different aspects of cycling data in a small team and learn from each other as well as our guide in how best to create interesting and compelling stories using data.
No experience needed – just curiosity and a sense of adventure! Plus, you’ll have a guide to help you every step of the way.

Monday June 23rd
13:00 to 16:00
Thorvald Bindesbølls Plads.

Join the team by registering for free here. Everyone is welcome!

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