Creating an Interactive Bubble Chart

This tutorial uses Google spreadsheets to create an Interactive Bubble Chart. There is sample data for this tutorial `here`_ .

  1. Start with the World Bank dataset.

  2. Select all years and all countries (except the names that are definitely not countries: such as world, North America and son on).

  3. Copy the data to a new sheet.

  4. In order to do animated bubble plots you’ll need to order your columns so that is country names, B is year and the rest are values you’re interested in. The column order will affect the way the gadget is set up per default.

  5. Now mark the whole sheet and click “insert” “gadget”

  6. Select “charts” and “motion chart”.

  7. You’ll see the chart loading.

  8. You can adjust the values for each of the axis and the size. And you can slide through the years.

  9. Click on play and see how the world changes in 10 years.

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Last updated on Sep 02, 2013.