Become a Member

I would like to become a School of Data Network member. Is this possible? Tell me how!

Definitely! You are most welcome to join our network and we are always happy to discuss how this could take place. But first…

What is a School of Data member?

School of Data has two kinds of members: Organisations and Individuals. Organisations have voting powers to select the Steering Committee, which is the highest decision making body of the Network. Your organisation’s mission should be clear and should be aligned with School of Data’s mission. We should also be able to have objective measures to track your contributions to the network, like events you run, workshops, people you train, materials you produce, etc. Organisations participate in our joint projects and Summer Camp.

Individuals have an observer status, meaning they can’t vote for the Steering Committee, but can take part in network activities. All senior fellows are considered individual members. Members remain active as long as they are running School of Data activities in their regions and participating in the network. The Coordination Team will try to engage inactive members. Once a year, the network will have the opportunity to refresh its members list dropping inactive members.

Ok, so how can I become a member?

Being a School of Data member should be a self-motivated action. Potential members should invite themselves rather than being invited. Individuals or organisations should first establish a relationship of trust with the network, using School of Data materials, organising training events or collaborating with projects.

Potential members should apply sending a letter of intention to the Coordination Team with their vision and strategy to bring data literacy to their region with School of Data. The letter will be sent to the steering committee and delegated to the Coordination team. Once decided, aspiring members will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Steering Committee, formalising their membership.

How to become a School of Data member step-by-step

  1. Establish a trust relationship
  • Runs data literacy activities (event organising, content creation…)

  • Is doing data literacy projects in their region?

  • Is active in the network?

  • A recommendation letter from someone in the network

  1. Send letter of intention to the Steering Committee with vision and strategy

  2. Steering Committee evaluate and vote

  3. Aspiring member signs Memorandum of Understanding with Steering Committee that includes expectations for all parties.