School of Data is a community enthusiastic about working with data. Whether you are an experienced data wrangler, a beginner keen to gain skills, or an organisation looking for ways to collaborate, there are many ways you can get involved.

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Join our discussion list. Keep up with the latest news, post questions, spark discussions, or help other learners out by answering their data questions.

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Got some time? You have several options

Consider becoming a School of Data Fellow!

Got data skills to share? Are you a member of a community that wants to turn data into information? The School of Data needs you!

The School of Data fellowship programme aims to to recruit and train the next generation of data leaders and trainers to magnify the reach of our data literacy programme. The fellows will provide training and ongoing support to journalists, civil society organisations, and individual change makers to use data effectively within their community and country

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Have fun with data: become a data expedition guide

Volunteer as a guide for a data expedition. Gather a group of data explorers who share your interest in a topic of your choice and embark on a journey into the land of data.

Whether you are interested in investigating something serious like a global obesity crisis or establishing whether Norwegian Cheese causes spontaneous combustion, find like-minded explorers and learn wrangling skills while exploring a topic you care about.

Get started: Drop us a line via the mailing list including your proposed topic and whether you are planning an online or offline expedition.

Write new course material

Contribute a new module to School of Data. Contribute your tips, tricks and tools to School of Data’s collection of learning materials by emailing [email protected] with the text you would like to include.

We are keen to experiment with new formats, so don’t feel restricted to text! If you have video tutorials, slideshows, or materials in another format which will wow a learner, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Organising content and making sure it gets finished can be tricky (we’ve done enough sprints in our time to have learned this), so if you’d like help to coordinate efforts, just drop us a line.

Write for the School of Data blog

Blog for us. Have you done something cool with data? Have you recently discovered a new tool or found a way to work through a tricky problem?

Send us an email at [email protected], and we can help you to develop your experiences into a post for the blog.