Who we are

School of Data is a network of data literacy practitioners, both organizations and individuals, implementing training and other data literacy activities in their respective countries and regions. Members of School of Data work to empower civil society organizations (CSOs), journalists, civil servants and citizens with the skills they need to use data effectively in their efforts to create better, more equitable and more sustainable societies. Over the past four years, School of Data has succeeded in developing and sustaining a thriving and active network of data literacy practitioners in partnership with our implementing partners across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Our network includes 13 organisations across the world and a total of 101 active individuals, which all contribute to School of Data key programmes: the Fellowship, the Curriculum and Member Support. Together, we have produced or in the process of producing dozens of articles, lessons and hands-on tutorials on how to work with data. Those are published on our website and are widely reused both by our network and beyond, benefitting thousands of people around the world. Additionally, we have trained over 6500 people through our tailored training events and mentored dozens of organisations to become tech savvy and data driven. One of our flagship initiatives, the School of Data Fellowship Programme, was first piloted in 2013 and has now successfully supported 31 Fellows in 25 countries to provide long-term data support to our audiences, in their communities. The Fellowship programme specifically is run in cooperation with partners within and outside our network: SocialTIC and Internews in Latin America, the Natural Resource Governance Institute and OD4D in Africa, The Engine Room in Eastern Europe. Our methodologies and approach for delivering hands-on data training and data literacy skills such as the data pipeline and the data expedition have now been replicated in various formats by organisations around the world.

These successes are due to the passionate dedication of the members of the School of Data network who have been adopting, adapting and delivering School of Data training in their local communities while simultaneously feeding back their learnings and materials to be reused by larger network. The governance structure of School of Data reflects this commitment of our network members, who have elected for a second year a Steering Committee, tasked of overseeing the strategy of the network.

The coordination team

Marco Tulio Pires

Programme Director

Marco Túlio Pires is Brazilian journalist and programmer, who also is in the coordination team of Escola de Dados, School of Data Brazil. He is now programme manager at School of Data and will oversee the Fellowship, work on fundraising and manage some of our grants. Marco studied Electrical Engineering and Journalism in Brazil, and Programming and Information Visualisation in the United States (University of Michigan). He also studied Leadership and Project Management in Georgetown. At Brazil’s largest Media Group, Globo TV, he was a Production Coordinator. At Editora Abril, largest publishing house in Latin America, he was the science news reporter for their biggest publication, VEJA Magazine. In 2013 Marco was awarded with the Malofiej Bronze Medal for best infographics with a story about innovations inspired by nature. He’s also worked for the government in São Paulo as a Technology & Transparency officer.

Cedric Lombion

Communications and Community Coordinator

Cédric is based in Bordeaux, France, and joined School of Data as a Communications and Community Coordinator. He supports the School of Data community and is as well in charge of the the communication of the project.

Before joining the team Cédric worked as a project and community coordinator for Open Knowledge France. He discovered School of Data there and has dedicated his time to the project ever since, working with the community and facilitating data workshops. He studied Public and Political Communication with a focus on open data and digital public services.

You can follow on him on Twitter at @clombion.

Meg Foulkes

Project and Event Coordinator

Meg joined Open Knowledge in 2012, where she initially worked in HR. Since then, she has worked as project coordinator for OpenSpending. She joins the School of Data team as project and event coordinator, making sure that everything runs smoothly and that our events are well planned. Meg lives in London, where she can also be found being a mother, studying law and writing poems. She has a particular interest in open data and immigration.

James Hamilton

Strategy and Fundraising Coordinator

Previously the Development Director at Open Knowledge, James now works for School of Data as a consultant, providing support in the areas of strategy, fundraising and management. He has over 10 years experience setting up, leading, managing and consulting for not-for-profits in the UK, USA and New Zealand, with a focus on organisations whose work deals with the intersection between governance, citizens, technology, media and information.

The Steering Committee

Juan Manuel Casanueva

Director of Social TIC

Juan Manuel researches and promotes ICT for Social Change projects in Latin America. He is the CEO and co-founder of SocialTIC, a non-profit that enables changemakers through the strategic use of ICTs. He was ICFJ Knight Fellow 2014-2015 focused on enabling ICT and data-driven journalism in Mexico and Central America.

Bardhyl Jashari

Director of Metamorphosis, Macedonia

Bardhyl Jashari is the director of Metamorphosis Foundation (Macedonia). His professional interests are mainly in the sphere of new technologies, media, civic activism, e-government and participation. Previously he worked as Information Program Coordinator of the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia. He is a member of the National Council for Information Society of Macedonia and National Expert for Macedonia of the UN World Summit Award.

Sylvia Fredriksson

Project Coordinator at École de Données

Sylvia is designer and project coordinator at École de Données (School of Data France). Her work is dedicated to civil society empowerment through design and technology. She now works as a designer-researcher at the Cité du Design in Sainte-Etienne, France. She specialised in Hypermedia at Paris 8 University and regularly teach design classes.

Pavel Richter

CEO at Open Knowledge International

Pavel Richter is Chief Executive Officer at Open Knowledge International. He was Executive Director of Wikimedia Deutschland, and pioneered the internationally acclaimed Wikidata project which is now the fastest growing project for open structured data. Pavel is in on the Advisory Board of Transparency International Germany and Code for Germany. He holds a Masters Degree in Political Science, History and Constitutional Law. He worked for 12 years as a management consultant in the IT and banking industry, before he started to focus on managing non-profit organisations.

Camila Salazar

Senior School of Data Fellow

Camila is a journalist, economist and data journalism professor currently working with the data unit of the La Nacion Costa Rica. After her Fellowship, she has participated in several activities as senior Fellow, sharing her skills with the new generation of Fellows 2016 and also constantly involved in content development for School of Data.

Member Organisations

Founding Member

Open Knowledge International

Country: United Kingdom

Region covered: International

Audiences: Citizens, civil servants, NGOs

Website: okfn.org


Code 4 South Africa

Country: South Africa

Region covered: South Africa

Audiences: CSOs, media, citizens, government

Website: code4sa.org


Connected Development

Country: Nigeria

Region covered: Nigeria

Audiences: Rural communities, journalists (broadcast and print)

Website: connecteddevelopment.org


Escola de dados

Country: Brazil

Region covered: Brazil

Audiences: Journalists, civil society organizations, students

Website: escoladedados.org



Country: Mexico

Region covered: Latin America

Audiences: Activists, journalists, civil society organizations

Website: socialtic.org



Country: Turkey

Region covered: Turkey and Turkish-speaking countries

Audiences: Disenfranchised countryside communities, disadvantaged groups, journalism students

Website: avvg.org.tr



Country: Latvia

Region covered: Latvia

Audiences: Journalists

Website: lv.schoolofdata.org/


Metamorphosis Foundation

Country: Macedonia

Region covered: South East Europe

Audiences: NGOs, media

Website: schoolofdata.metamorphosis.org.mk/


Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland

Country: Germany

Region covered: Germany

Audiences: NGOs, hackers, government officials

Website: https://okfn.de/


Open Knowledge France

Country: France

Region covered: France

Audiences: Urban citizens, civil servants, CSOs, school-age children

Website: ecoledesdonnees.org


Open Knowledge Greece

Country: Greece

Region covered: Greece

Audiences: Journalists, students

Website: schoolofdata.okfn.gr


Open Knowledge Spain

Country: Spain

Region covered: Spain

Audiences: Journalists

Website: http://okfn.es/



Country: Switzerland

Region covered: Switzerland

Audiences: Governments, administration, municipalities

Website: Opendata.ch