School of Data has three programmes: the Global Fellowship, the Network Lab and our Curriculum Development. Each programme has its own features and cycles, with the ultimate goal of bringing data literacy where it matters the most, using fresh and relatable methodologies.

School of Data Fellowship

The Fellowship is our flagship programme. Every year we select data-literacy practitioners or enthusiasts for a nine-month fellowship. During this time, fellows work alongside School of Data to build an individual programme for each participant, that equips them with the skills to take their data-literacy work forward, whether that be how to train, how to network or how to organise events. In all these areas, our aim is to increase awareness of data-literacy and build communities who together, can use data literacy skills to make the change they want to see in the world.

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School of Data Network Lab

The School of Data Network Lab is the programme where our members can run fast-paced pilot projects to explore new areas in data-literacy. With small-scale grants, we allow members to bring data literacy to their localities in engaging, fresh and innovative ways, to promote growth in fledgling constituents and consolidate the work of established ones.

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School of Data Curriculum Development

School of Data started as a website with a bunch of cool tutorials and guides on how to use data in different contexts. The curriculum has always a core part of what we do. Thanks for the work or Fellows and members, it has evolved it into a comprehensive data-literacy curriculum adapted and translated to 10 languages (and counting) coming from different sources. There are materials produced every year by Fellows, workshops and trainings delivered by network members around the world or content developed by the Coordination Team with partners for online courses or joint projects. We collect, maintain, update and improve the content that emerges from our community in our website so that learners and trainers can take advantage of it.

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