Creating a Choropleth map

This tutorial uses Google spreadsheets to create a choropleth map. There is sample data for this tutorial `here`_ .

  1. Filter for a single year (e.q. 2009) insert a new sheet and copy the filtered data into it.

  2. As with all previous charts also here the columns need to be in a special position.

  3. Move your data column (the one you want to use to display) right next to the country names.

  4. Now mark the two columns and select “Chart…” from “insert”.

  5. Under “Charts” select “Map” and then “geo chart – regions”.

  6. You’ll see a preview. Play with the settings in customize to change the map, the colour-scale etc.

  7. A note on colours: the red-green scale that is selected by default is not the best scale. So select a different one showing contrasts nicely.

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Last updated on Sep 02, 2013.