School of Data Summer Camp

Many of us will be at OKFestival 2014 but the true excitement in the School of Data network is the Summer Camp that starts just after the Festival. The School of Data Summer Camp will also be the official launch of the 2014 round of School of Data fellows! So watch this space.

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The Goals

The School of Data Summer Camp will bring together local initiatives and School of Data Fellows to build the foundation for a buzzing and productive coming year.

Last year we kicked off a Spanish, French, Portuguese and Greek site as well as local initiatives around the world. On a more individual level we’ve been working with fellows worldwide to bring data skills to their communities. With a new round of fellows coming we want to get together and unify our vision, goals and methods.

Our goal is to make everyone go home with better skills and a clear vision where we’ll take the School of Data together!

The Venue

We will be in Potsdam, very close to Berlin, in a house with a lot of history, the Adlon Villa, that allows us to work, eat and enjoy time together. Participants are welcome to either stay at the venue, or find their own accommodation nearby.

The Agenda

  • July 18th 2014 – Arrival from Berlin with welcome BBQ in the evening
  • July 19th-21st 2014 Intensive participatory workshops and skillshares.

Can I attend?

Watch this space, we hope to have parts of the event open to anyone to participate. Note that is it likely that these parts will happen in Berlin, rather than Potsdam.

What’s next?

Keep your eyes posted here – more updates, including agendas will be posted here soon!