Announcing the Data Expedition: Investigate the Garment Factories

October 2, 2013 in Data Expeditions
The data expedition described on this post is over. For more recent data expedition announcements, visit the blog.
Photo credit: Andy Teo

Photo credit: Andy Teo

In May, the School of Data community got together in a Data Expedition to respond to the Rana Plaza catastrophe. They built a crowdsourced database on garment factories and used it to expose the bad safety standards and non-transparency that contributed to the disaster.

Now we are taking the garment factory investigation to the next level with a new online Data Expedition. School of Data (a collaboration between the Open Knowledge Foundation and Peer 2 Peer University) together with the International Labor Rights Forum, School of Data will bring data explorers from around the globe together online to answer some of the tough questions about the global garment industry. Join us for the Online Data Expedition: Investigate the Garment Factories October 18-20.

What we will do:

  • Geocode garment factories with the Open Street Map community
  • Create visualizations to explore and explain the data from the global garment supply chain
  • Investigate the global supply chains: find new data sources and dig into the key issues in the garment supply chain

Join the Data Expedition using this participant signup form or in the form below!

The Data Expedition will also take place at on-site locations around the world such as Dhaka (Bangladesh). Would you like to help us turn the online expedition into a fantastic global expedition? Sign up to organise a local data expedition or help us run the global expedition! We’ll be there to support you along the way. All you need is a small venue, some great friends, and lots of curiosity.

Get in touch to help facilitate the expedition with this facilitator signup form.

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