Fellowship Deadline Extended & We need your help

May 30, 2014 in Community

Supporting a global community of data teachers and learners is one of the core goals of School of Data. We know from running events with civil society and journalist organizations that there is a data literacy gap. While School of Data is one of a number of international groups aiming to make a difference, we aspire to mentor and support data leaders everywhere. To do this, we’ve created programmes, training modules and are working hard to find ways to support the community. The School of Data Fellowship is one of our projects to make this possible.

We are extending the School of Data Fellowship Programme Deadline to Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Data expedition during Mozilla Festival, 2013.

Our team is currently reviewing all the applications we’ve received. Thank you, we are impressed with your applications!

As mentioned in our FAQs and in our recent video hangout, we are having applications open globally while we are also on the lookout for fellows in specific areas of the world. We are seeking fellow applications from Macedonia, Tanzania, South Africa, Indonesia and Latin America. We also want to encourage women to apply! If it is any indication on how much we think about data for all: our team is half men and half women.

How to apply

To apply, please fill in this application form and attach your CV. The deadline is June 10.

Optionally, you can also send us a 30-second video expressing your interest in the role or explaining something “techie” in few (jargon-free) words. This is not a requirement for the application, but we will appreciate the extra effort! The video need not be professionally edited and can be filmed using any available recording equipment.

Help with outreach

Can you share a tweet or a Facebook post? Do you know someone in our target countries? Can you share this with them?

Be a School of Data Fellow. Applications Due June 10, 2014 https://schoolofdata.org/fellowship-programme/


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