Two-day data training in Macedonia

January 5, 2015 in Data for CSOs

At the end of November (26th-28th), in Dojran – a city in Macedonia, we held a two-day training with Milena. Tailored to the needs of the 24 participants from different CSOs, we tried to cover as much as possible of the topics we narrowed down using the form we composed for determining their skills and needs.



We started the training with the basic introduction to what data is and where to find it, and the first day we mostly focused on working with spreadsheets, formulas and pivot tables. The next day we shared some thoughts and skills on data visualization, worked with different online data visualization and mapping tools and talked about creating beautiful timelines. Anyhow, the agenda for the training is here for everyone to check, use and adapt.


During the two days we tried to be as flexible as possible and adapt to the real time needs of the participants, and to engage everyone in a more interactive way of learning through practical exercises and teamwork.

Here you can see some more photos from the training.

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