It’s time to get data-savvy: host a School of Data fellow in 2015!

February 10, 2015 in Fellowship
Applications to host a School of Data fellow in 2015 are now closed! Thank you to everyone who applied – we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible

We’re looking for local NGOs based in countries classified as low income, lower-middle income or upper-middle income to host our School of Data fellows.


We have funding for 7 School of Data fellows to take part in our 2015 Fellowship Programme, and from previous experience, we’ve found that the fellowships work best when there is an established local host.

Who are we looking for?

School of Data is promoting data literacy by working with local partners to create impactful data-driven projects. We’re looking organisations that need support in using data more effectively and that are willing to work closely with one of our School of Data fellows over a 9 month period.

If you are selected, you’ll welcome a School of Data fellow in your office on a regular basis, to work on concrete projects and provide you with custom trainings and support, depending on what you need most. You’ll open up your data to the fellow, and allow them to see how you work with data now, help you guide your organisation towards being more data-savvy and using data to strengthen your work, be that in the field of advocacy, campaigning, journalism, or elsewhere within the civil society space. You’ll support the growth of the data-literate community, by inviting those within your network to attend trainings, and organising your own data expeditions, supported closely by the School of Data fellow.

What we expect you to contribute

This programme involves a great deal of resources and commitment from us, and we expect an equal amount of resources and commitment from our partners.

The ideal partner would be able to commit:

  • To support the fellow’s work, objectives and their overall work with your organisation without overburdening them or putting them in difficult situations
  • A good data driven project idea for what you want to achieve together with the fellow. This could be a specific data driven application (a web application, a website, an addition to an existing project or site, a mobile app), broader organisational support to use data, or any other feasible use for open data. The project must hold the potential to engage a large audience, to create a positive change for a community, region or country, and directly promote your organisation goals and objectives.
  • A team to the project. We want to create sustainable projects, and work with you to achieve systemic change within your organisation. We can’t do this with only one person. We would like to work with the relevant team of people in your organisation, depending on your needs and capacity.
  • In addition, we also welcome in kind or financial support for our fellowship programme. Our programme funds the work on the fellow, including a part time equivalent monthly stipend and some travel support but we appreciate additional support that can complement our programme. Get in touch to understand more about the type of support you can provide.

What you’ll get in return

If you are accepted as our local partner, we’ll ask for your assistance in selecting the best applicant to be the School of Data fellow who will work with you. The fellow will support you by:

  • Evaluating your organisational capacity to work with data
  • Delivering custom training and support for your organisation depending on your needs
  • Working with you on a concrete data driven project,

Here is just an example of what our 2014 fellow Hannah Williams worked on together with local partners from South Africa:

Interested? Get in touch.

Deadline: March 10th

You are also welcome to contact us on [email protected] while you are preparing your application; we’d be happy to answer your questions and help you put together a good application.

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