Greek Data Expedition and Data Journalism

May 26, 2014 in Community, Data Expeditions

[Guest post by Charalampos Bratsas, School of Data, Greece. See more details on the School of Data Greece blog..]

The Open Knowledge Foundation of Greece “OKF Greece” in collaboration with the Masters Program “Web Science Studies” of Mathematics Department and the postgraduate Masters Program “Journalism & New Media” of Journalism & Mass Media Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, presented the first attempted results of writing articles based on data journalism.

Students of both departments, divided into groups, cooperated in order for “Web Science” postgraduate students to seek data, analyze and visualize them, while Journalists processed the available correlations to create a data based article.

Through the aforesaid collaboration three data based articles emerged:

As well, the following infographic was created: “European Student Mobility in the period 2001-2012“.

About Data Journalism

This is a new, promising kind of journalism, which takes advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies. It uses a variety of different digital data and correlations of information while maintaining the traditional way of tracking issues, highlighting the emerging news and issues that are worthy of publishing.

Further clarifying information can be found in Greek edition of the “Data Journalism Handbook” published by the Open Knowledge Foundation of Greece, the Media Informatics Lab of Journalism & Mass Media Department, and the postgraduate Program in Web Science.

It should be emphasized that the upcoming academic year, data journalism will be taught in the undergraduate curriculum of Journalism & Mass Media Department by Professor Andreas Veglis and Dr. Charalambos Bratsas. Students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals, as well as the tools of data journalism, as highlighted in the manual “Data Journalism”.

An example from the session:


You can stay informed of Open Data topics in Greece on the OKFN Greece website.

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