We are learning more about Data Literacy

August 11, 2015 in Announcement

What are effective ways of achieving data literacy in social change? Who is doing what and how? How is this work being sustained? How is impact being determined?

School of Data is pleased to announce a new research endeavour exploring the intersection of data literacy and social change work.  We are also looking at how organisations working with data and social change can develop sustainable business models over the long term.  We will be conducting this research over the next two months and are actively engaging the School of Data network and other data literacy practitioners in gathering the hard learned lessons they have gained in establishing themselves and having an impact in their communities.

We are working with Dirk Slater (FabRiders) and Mariel Garcia in helping us implement the research project. Please do get in touch if you have data literacy work you would like to contribute or are interested in receiving the research when it is released. Send an email to dataliteracy at fabriders.net.


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