Data is a Team Sport: One on One with Friedhelm Weinberg

July 29, 2017 in Data Blog, Event report, Research

Data is a Team Sport is our open-research project exploring the data literacy eco-system and how it is evolving in the wake of post-fact, fake news and data-driven confusion.  We are producing a series of videos, blog posts and podcasts based on a series of online conversations we are having with data literacy practitioners.

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Friedhelm Weinberg is the Executive Director of Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems (HURIDOCS), an NGO that supports organisations and individuals to gather, analyse and harness information to promote and protect human rights.  In this conversation we take a look at what it takes to be both a tool developer and a capacity builder, and how the two disciplines can inform and build upon each other.  Some of the main points:

  • The capacity building work needs to come first and inform the tool development.
  • It’s critical that human rights defenders have a clear understanding of what they want to do with the data before they start collecting it.
  • It’s critical for human rights defenders to have their facts straight as this counts the most in international courts of law, and cuts through ‘fake news.’
  • Machine learning has enormous potential in documenting human rights abuses in being able to process large amount of case work.
  • They have been successful in bringing developers in-house by making efforts to get them to better understand how the capacity builders work and also vice-versa.

Specific projects within Huridocs he talked about:

  • Uwazi is an open-source solution for building and sharing document collections
  • The Collaboratory is their knowledge sharing network for practitioners focusing on information management and human rights documentation.

Readings/Resources that are inspiring his work:

View the full online conversation:

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