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Data Roundup, 12 March

- March 12, 2014 in Data Roundup

Code – mutednarayan

Tools, Events, Courses

Don’t miss the opportunity to design on of the page of Knowledge is Beautiful, the next book of David McCandless. The challenge is open until March 24 and is also well rewarded with a prize of a total of five thousand dollars.

Ampp3d, the Trinity Mirror-owned data journalism site, launched its own competition too. Aspiring journalists have to develop a mobile-friendly data visualization which will be published on the Ampp3d website. The winner gets a hundred-pound prize.

R is one of the top choices when it comes to programming languages for data visualization. Here you may find a tutorial from Daniel Waisberg on how to display Google Analytics Data with it.

The New York Times is about to reveal Upshot, its new data-driven website based on politics and economics, which will replace Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight. Read some updates here.

Data Stories

This week we would like to start by presenting a series of infographics that are detailed as well as interesting.

The funniest one is surely “Twelve world records you can break during your lunch hour”, posted by ChairOffice on

Big tech companies mean big business transactions. Watch this interactive explanation from Simplybusiness on the history of the biggest Tech Giants Acquisitions

Among the others mentioned above, we strongly recommend you see Weather Radials, a poster representing all the climate changes occurring in 35 cities in the world last year, which is also a data visualization masterpiece to admire.

For a deeper understanding of visualization, take a moment to read this article written by Dorie Clark on the Forbes website, which reminds us why “Data Visualization is the Future”.

Data Sources

See how tech enterprises and organizations are spreading across Africa in this map on WomenTechAfrica.

The toolkit of a data addict is growing every day, and sometimes you have to choose the right tool for your own project. Here is a short list from Jerry Vermanen of software and programs that can be used for data extraction, filtering, and visualization.

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