Join the first online data expedition: Flatland – A Romance of heavy dimensions

January 3, 2013 in Data Expeditions


The inhabitants of flatland called for our help – the population of the great plain are increasingly changing the overall structure and threatening the social cooperation: they are so heavy that they begin to bend the plain. We are looking to assemble a group of scientists, curious ladies and gentlemen and experienced data scholars to examine what leading flatlanders have described as a “global pandemic”.

We’re combining a team of storytellers, data scouts, (software) engineers, analysts and designers. But even if you feel you can’t contribute much – you probably can: don’t hesitate signing up. This expedition will look into health and body weight related data – anyone who is interested in the topic or wants to learn how to answer question using data in a lighthearted way is welcome. The outcome of the expedition will depend on the participants. We provide starting points, geeky humor and guidance – everything else will be decided by the teams.

Become a team member of the first online data expedition! Participation is easy and open to anyone – no prior data skills needed. Just fill out the form below and we’ll contact you when the expedition team has been assembled. The expedition will start January 15th.

Data Expeditions are quests to better understand the land of data. They will bring you together with people of different skillsets to work on a data related project. It is learning by doing mixed with geeky humor. Read more about data expeditions.

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