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July 3, 2013 in Data Blog
School of Data is currently reworking the concept of community mentorship. The link to the community mentor signup form in the post below has been disabled, pending presentation of the new concept.

A bumper edition of the Latest from School of Data!

Travels Galore

  • Data Diva Michael Bauer, and OKF’s International Community Manager Zara Rahman completed their whirlwind tour of Latin America to meet the Data Lovers of the Continent and launch the Spanish language School of Data. Read about what they got up to on the OKFN blog

  • Meanwhile, Lucy was at the InfoActivism camp, for an incredible week of learning about how activists use technology. There are tutorials (many, many tutorials), blog posts and writeups from the data expedition on mapping Key Points in South Africa at the camp (the first data expedition to involve real bloodshed [explanation – coming soon]) in the pipeline.

We’ll attempt to squeeze our brains dry of everything we learned and document it for you but in the meantime, follow the #ttccamp13 hashtag and Tactical Tech (@info_activism) for tips in 140 characters from brave and brilliant folks at the camp.

Hola – Escuela De Datos!

Since the launch – many organisations have been in touch to ask how they can also start their own version in their country. We’ll be publishing a local groups guide soon – so watch this space!

Get Involved

Community Mentors

Our call for our pilot cohort of Community Mentors will stay open until Friday, then we’ll get rolling on kitting them out to ghostbust data trouble around the globe.

Haven’t had chance to sign up yet? Here’s your opportunity.

Data Roundups

We’re looking for a new volunteer (or a team to take it in turns) to take over the weekly Data Roundups from Neil Ashton, as he manages with small baby!. If you are interested – please let us know on schoolofdata [at]

A very busy week for Ask.SchoolofData.Org – here’s just a few of the questions which have been asked and need your help!

Thanks to new faces Andrew Duffy, “OpenSAS” for their help both in asking and answering!

From the blog

Ciao for now!

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