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June 24, 2013 in Community

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of School of Data in Spanish!

The Website will launch at the AbreLatam with a workshop focusing on building the Latin American network.

This follows a series of warm up events thanks to the wonderful generosity of our hosts, in particular – the Hacks / Hacks network and ICFJ Knight Fellows in Latin America.

About Escuela de Datos

Escuela de Datos is first and foremost a mechanism to bring the School of Data methodologies and materials to people in their native languages.

Like, School of Data, Escuela de Datos will be driven by learning through doing, running data expeditions, data clinics and hands-on tutorials. We will also produce materials as and when they are required, but largely in a reactive manner.

Besides translation, a couple of the courses and examples will be adapted to bring them closer to the local context.

This is a pilot – and we hope to be able to do the same for other regions, too. Watch this space!

How can I get involved?

Great! You want to get stuck in, we are currently looking for:

Blog contributions in Spanish about case-studies / tutorials which could inspire or help NGOs or Journalists to work with Data.
Community mentors to lead data expeditions or drop-in clinics with learners.

Why not Escuela de Datos – Mexico, Escuela de Datos – Spain etc. ?

The work before us to close the data literacy gap for NGOs and journalists is immense and we need to work together, share techniques and materials wherever possible for the online work accross borders.

However – individuals and organisations will be very welcome to run data expeditions and other events in their own country!

Who is behind Escuela de Datos?

A lot of the groundwork and translation has been laid thanks to the help of the team of Social-TIC, a Mexico-based NGO dedicated to promoting and empowering social groups to strengthen their work through technology.

However, the team is still small, and we need more organisations and proactive individuals to help drive these projects.

Escuela de datos will have a governance structure which allows it to be driven by and adapt to the needs of the community. More details will be published in the coming weeks.

To get in touch:

About Escuela De Datos

Drop us a line on: escueladedatos [@] socialtic.org

Follow us on @Escueladedatos

About collaborations and internationalisation

Drop us a line on: schoolofdata [@] okfn.org

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