Data is a Team Sport

December 20, 2017 in Announcement, Data Blog, Research

Data is a Team Sport is a series of online conversations held with data literacy practitioners in mid-2017 that explores the ever evolving data literacy eco-system. Our aim in producing ‘Data is a Team Sport’ was to surface learnings and present them in formats that would be accessible to data literacy practitioners.

Thanks to the efforts of governments, organizations and agencies to make their information more transparent the amount of data entering the public domain has increased dramatically in recent years. As political and economic forces become more adept at using data, we enter a new era of data literacy were just being able to understand information is not enough. In this project, we aimed to engage data literacy practitioners to capture lessons learned and examine how their methodologies are shifting and adapting. We also wanted to better understand how they perceived the data literacy ecosystem: the diverse set of actors needed to enable and support the use of data in social change work.

Conversation Guests PodCast
Enabling Learning Rahul Bhargava & Lucy Chambers
Data Driven Journalism Eva Constantaras & Natalia Mazotte
One on One with Daniela Lepiz Daniela Lepiz
Advocacy Organisations Milena Marin & Sam Leon
One on One with Heather Leson Heather Leson
One on One with Friedhelm Weinberg Friedhelm Weinberg
Mentors, Mediators and Mad Skills Emma Prest & Tin Geber
Government Priorities and Incentives Ania Calderon & Tamara Puhovski


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